VORLON (Pty) Ltd has been involved in the Agricultural Derivative Market since early 2000. However, the traders in the organization have been part of the Derivative Markets since 1996, thereby giving us insight into a broad array of markets and strategies.
We are currently trading in the Agricultural, Commodities, Financial and Currency Derivative Markets


We primarily focus on option market making, broking for non-discretionary clients, with speculators, end users and producers making use of our facilities . We specialize in designing hedging or speculative strategies for each client according to their individual needs.

Our policy has been to increase stake-holders wealth by using tried and tested trading strategies that have worked and will consistently work over the years. “Get rich quick” schemes in our opinion have led to more disasters than successes. Only through research and “working cleverly” as opposed to “working harder” will wealth be created and maintained.

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